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Meet Taylor

Taylor began his professional career in real estate. Growing up middle class, his first exposure to wealth was the interaction with wealthy real estate owners in Memphis, TN. 

The company was a single family property management firm, and he managed the ins and outs of maintenance, rent collection, and investor relations. While working at the real estate firm, he learned marketing for a company project. 

That was the beginning of what would become a lifelong obsession with marketing, advertising & media. Shortly after, he transitioned to full time entrepreneurship helping his clients write quality copy for their online assets. 

In the Fall of 2015, he started his first “consultancy.” Over the years, the company flourished and he learned the ins and outs of sales, staffing, corporate leadership, and finance. He developed his business acumen by working in real businesses, solving complex problems for thousands of clients that came into the organization from all around the world.

Welch Equities

The new business and beyond!

In the summer of 2021, he started thinking bigger. Welch Equities was founded as a holding co managing a small portfolio of high quality businesses with one main purpose: making the world happier, and smarter. The Wealthy Consultant is a training company that is operated with the same mission, but specifically targeted towards consultants. 

Today he spends his time growing and managing the portfolio of service & consulting brands, while helping Wealthy Consultant clients monetize their expertise and help the world through what they’re good at. His goal is to equip as many people as possible to create safety & predictability inside their businesses.

Taylor’s Favorite Things

Spending Time with his Family
Creating new curriculum
Training & Working with Staff

Our Story

Our mission is to help you create wealth through consulting. To us, wealth is not defined as a bank balance or an income level. It’s defined by one thing: FREEDOM. Our founder and executive teams have had the privilege of working with thousands of clients in the consulting space. 

An interesting thing happens when you start creating your own income: it can be all consuming. We have first hand experience with this and have developed a robust suite or products and curriculum to ensure you are winning in ALL the areas that truly matter.

Not just money, but family, relationships, spirituality, and even leisure.

The company was founded in 2022, led by Taylor Welch.

We operate according to a well-constructed “model” based on actual experience with real clients. We cater to talented, experienced professionals who want to grow profitable consulting businesses utilizing our dependable, sustainable frameworks.

Phase 1: Startup

No clients or just a few

In this phase, you must decide on one addressable market, one unique offer, one acquisition system for new clients, and one traffic source to generate new leads. The skills developed in this phase are marketing, sales, client fulfillment & delivery. Our flagship program, Modern Day Consultant, covers the skills in detail and provides support in building out the model.

Phase 2: Buyback

Buying back time & building systems

In this phase, the processional must go from one traffic source to several, one acquisition system to several, one offer to several (etcetera). In addition, we will begin to leverage team, technology, and automation to create more space & margin. This enables you to help more people, without having to work more requisite hours as you grow your firm.

Phase 3: Multiply

Ownership structures, enterprise value, asset building

In this phase, the focus of mentorship pivots toward capital allocation and asset acquisition. We have a robust set of frameworks and models that should be used to systematize your consulting firm. Once the focus is in Phase 3, we can begin looking for ways to multiply capital and free cashflow into long term assets that will grow the balance sheet of the business.

Phase 4: Harvest

Exiting or liquidating the business

The fourth and final stage of the consulting business is exiting all or part of the business for a liquidation event. At this stage, it is about finding the right strategic buyer who is interested and capitalized enough to purchase the company. We provide light advisory but at this stage, we typically refer to our network of partners who can facilitate this process with and for the professional expert.

How Our Products Are Designed

There are no “one-size” solutions. You are a unique individual with unique experiences and skill sets. Because of this, we’ve organized our products and training programs to cater to the phase and the season of business you are currently in. 

If you want to dive deep on the kinds of products and programs we build with and for clients, we’ve prepared a free training that outlines one of our models for this purpose. If you’d like to speak to an advisor about any of our products, there is a way to connect with us at the end of that training.

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Our Team

Important Disclosure:

If you are contacted by someone who is not on this list, they do not work with or for Welch Equities. If you are contacted by someone who says they are affiliated with Welch Equities but you cannot find them on this list, please know that they are likely engaging in fraudulent activities and do not trust them with any sensitive information.


Gabrielle Borman

Partner, Chief of Staff 

Gabrielle has extensive background in people, hiring, staffing & training for our parent company, Welch Equities. She aids and advises clients in all things people and systems.


Dane Mohrmann

Head of Marketing

Dane is well-versed and highly experienced in marketing, client acquisition, marketing tech (MarTech), paid traffic, and all of the miscellaneous technical processes required to maintain an online presence in today’s day and age.


Mike Walker

Head of Client Services

Mike is a systems engineer who loves serving clients. He runs our client services and support divisions, managing thousands of customers per month. He aids clients in creating robust “fulfillment” processes and making sure your clients experience the white glove experience any time they give you money.


Lauren Medley

Business Administration, Finance

Lauren has worked with several of Taylor’s companies, starting in 2018. She is a “Swiss army knife” for anything administrative, systems, and finance. She aids clients in ensuring their operations run smoothly and efficiently (without running out of money!).


Alex Herndon

Partner, director of paid media

Alex has been running paid advertising and buying media for over a decade. With some of the world’s largest brands under his belt, he’s been involved in the strategy & placement of over half a BILLION dollars in media buys.

Other Team Members

Luke Wiercinski - Sales Development Representative

Marquis Grimm - Sales Development Representative

Justin Ramirez - Sales Development Representative

Theos Eros - Sales Development Representative

Nate Oertel - Sales Development Representative

Glenn Hugh - Sales Development Representative

Megan Warren - Sales Development Representative

Ben Perry - Account Executive

Lael Cook - Client Success Manager