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Real feedback from real clients

No fluff. No “marketing talk.” The goal of this page is to show you real results from actual people who have worked with us. If that’s what you’re after, you’ll find plenty of it on this page.

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The community and network are phenomenal…

I’ve followed Taylor for over a year before joining, and I’m so glad I did. Taylor provides a really long runway, which is the opposite of most online businesses. He’s not in a hurry to get your business and just keeps giving. I want to give and give to my customers so that they are fans for life, and Taylor’s example has been transformational for me. The community and network are phenomenal, and the advice I’ve received has helped my business grow substantially. We are now a seven-figure business, and I’m probably never going to leave. I highly recommend joining, especially before the price goes up.

– Sarah Mueller


My biggest mistake… not joining Chamber sooner…

My biggest mistake in business: not joining Chamber sooner. I would rather pay the accumulation of all my previous investments in other mentors, coaches, and programs (multiple 6 figures) and given it all to Taylor. I don’t have enough adjectives to describe how much it has changed me. Chamber and all the people in it have overdelivered in helping me become a better human. Years from now, I will continue to tell everyone that it has been my favorite and best business decision.

– Marley Jaxx


Get ready to 10X your identity, vision & success…

Do you want to work closely with most non-guru guru out there? WITH a community of stellar founders, business owners and experts that overshadows the gifts of any single guru?Well Chamber is your home then. 100%. Get ready to 10X your identity, vision and success – both and home and in business.

– Bijal Patel


Without TWC, my business would have died…

TWC is the democratization of hard-fought lessons, principles, models and frameworks of the brightest minds in the online space. The knowledge is from practitioners, not theorists. The collective acumen in business, health, wealth, and family – is second to none. Taylor has experience being a market maker – an innovator. Some say business is a “form of art”; if you ascribe to that belief then – TWC is Taylor’s pièce de résistance. It will remodel & recalibrate the online education space. Without TWC, my business would have died (a few times over) – but it was the mental & business models that created anti-fragility. TWC dared me to think beyond what I previously thought was possible, and gave me sight to a target that only I can see. I am no longer alone. I am no longer blind.

– JonCameron Johnson


The highest quality in every aspect…

The highest quality in every aspect. Taylor & The TWC Team consistently go above and beyond in this program and over deliver. The models and frameworks taught and events hosted are at a completely different level than anything I’ve been a part of in this space and are designed to not only support business growth but to create stability and safety. 10/10

– Laura Wood

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