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Our Product Library

We publish world-class information and materials designed to help you grow your consulting business. Whether you’re looking for help with marketing, sales, finance, or even personal/leadership development, you’ll find it here.

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The Wealthy Consultant

$7.95 USD

Amazon best-selling book containing fifteen unique models for building a sustainable consulting offer based on your expertise.

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The Revolving Price Method

$3.00 USD

Build a business that feeds itself! This little book & video training shows you how to turn your clients into revenue generating assets.

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The Exceptional Experience

Starting at 99¢

Amazon best-selling book about crafting a meaningful, memorable customer experience that will turn clients into raving fans!

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The Consulting Digest

$27.00 USD/month

Monthly publication containing insights, tools, and recipes for scaling consulting offers – delivered straight to your door.

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Cashflow for Consultants

$79.00 USD

Turn your consulting business into a legitimate reputable asset that can generate long-term wealth.

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Peak Productivity

$97.00 USD

A productivity system built for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. Contains 5-part video training series, tracking templates, and five exclusive bonuses.

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Scaling With VAs

$27.00 USD

Two hour masterclass on how to hire, train, and manage a team of virtual assistants who can multiply your output.

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Churchill Mindset Series

$24.00 USD

Four-part achievement “operating system” modeled directly from the life, challenges & successes of Winston Churchill.

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Management Hub

$79.00 USD

Fully customizable project management system built inside of the Notion software. Includes video tutorials.

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Champion Programming

$199.00 USD

Collection of identity-shifting mindset trainings, that will help you rebound from failure, reprogram insecurity, maintain torque, and build staying power for the long haul.

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Target Setting & Achievement

$499.00 USD

Unlock the power of clarity in your business with this training workshop all about how to not only set ambitious quarterly and annual targets for your business, but how to actually achieve them.

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Group to Clients

$697.00 USD

Four-step system for turning a free group into a sustainable client acquisition source – includes post templates, copy methodologies and paid ads training.

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Events & Workshops

Join us for a variety of in-person and virtual events.

Event categories include:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Operations 
  • Finance 
  • General
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