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đź’ˇ My favorite word in business right now:


As I’m prepping for my part II of PEAK Productivity (tomorrow, for Arena members) I am remembering what my life looked like the LAST time I recorded productivity training.

At the time, the training was life changing for me.

Even though looking back on it now, it had some major gaps.

I didn’t just live in feast or famine, I was a CASE study for it. And I’m not just talking about money… money was actually the most consistent part of it.

In 2015, I kinda figured out how to regulate that feast/famine cycle (and have only gotten better and better at it every year since then — a huge reason for this business is erasing this ebb/flow and straightlining people up & right)…

If you’re a consultant, we are some of the best in the world at creating predictable revenue systems that you can depend on. More on that here.

My feast or famine was a different kind…

  • My happiness was a yo-yo.
  • My stress was a yo-yo.
  • My CONFIDENCE was a yo-yo.

The material we produce today is not just for the getting of clients, although you will get clients.

It is not just for the collecting & multiplying of money, although yes, that will likely happen.

It’s much bigger (and deeper) than any of those things. It’s about creating predictability in the things that SHOULD NOT require your full, 100% undivided focus. When you have this, you can focus on the things you enjoy.

You become whatever you’re about.

Your focus creates increase.

While most people are focusing on the uncertainty of the financial markets, they’re INCREASING their uncertainty.

While people spend their afternoons desperately studying the news & political situations — they’re INCREASING the frustrations they feel regarding the political situation.

If you’re spending your time running around, “chasing” business & trying to fix your instability, you run the risk of perpetuating the thing you don’t like to begin with.

Here’s an experiment for you:

  • For ONE DAY, refuse to think or speak about things you have no control over
  • And ONLY think about the things you want to see happen in your life/business

…and just see what happens…

I invested long ago into creating PREDICTABILITY. The “yield” on this investment is not just a monetary item. You’re investing into the ability to focus on what you WANT to focus on.

No more chicken with a head cut off. Problems here and problems there — that’s no way to live.

The targeted outcome for all of my students & clients is this: predictable, METHODICAL solutions; installed one after the other.

If you would like another piece of great training on this — join our free resource group (hosted on Facebook) and read this post.

Talk soon,


Oh – and P.S. Chapter 3 of my new book, “Good At Consulting,” is now available here. I’ll have this finished by Christmas, and we’ll likely take it offline and publish to Amazon then. Make sure you read it while it’s live 🙂

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