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Think about one of the best days you’ve had in your business recently. You know a day when you woke up raring to go, checking off your to-do list with laser-sharp mental clarity, and fist-pumping, high-energy optimism . . . nothing held you back. 

On days like that — you feel unstoppable.

Now, think of a not-so-great day. The tech is not *teching*, the client is unhappy, team members are giving off negative vibes, and setback after setback leaves you feeling deflated and defeated.

You know what? You can feel equally unstoppable on difficult days too.

Hear me out: you can choose to allow the frustrations of the day to drag you down OR you can choose to dust yourself off, take note of lessons learned, and commit to trying again. 

Any successful person will tell you: becoming extraordinary ultimately comes down to choice.

The High-Energy Difference

What do high-energy people have that makes them rise above the crowd? 

You know who I’m talking about: the people who get things done, who are building up the team with their enthusiasm, articulating crystal clear vision, and then pairing it with the ability to execute flawlessly.

You can attribute it to their personality, positive thinking, or maybe even some trendy power routine they have in the morning . . . no matter the reasons, this fact remains . . .

Even high-energy people face obstacles and setbacks every day.

Yeah, they get stuck in traffic too. Sometimes they encounter a tech glitch that slows down productivity, just like it does in your office. And they may have to deal with occasional conflicts within the team, just like you.

Yet they’re still able to keep up the crazy efficiency and contagious energy.

No, they haven’t inherited a superpower gene. And it’s not their multivitamin or the latest nootropic. Winners decide to be great . . . day in and day out, no matter what the circumstances may be.

Escape Protection Mode

I know you’re probably thinking,  “If it takes a mere decision to become the best, then why do so many remain stuck in a sub-par state?” 

The short answer? Blame it on evolution.

As creatures with survival instincts, our default is to resort to excuses when we see someone with something we don’t have. 

“Oh, that’s because they do that sort of job for a living.”

“They went to that school.”

“They have that team.”

BUT high-energy people are not pooled into one specific niche or market. They didn’t go to the University of High-Energy. And they don’t have any singular advantage over any of us.

The truth is — when it comes to adopting that attractive, seize-the-day attitude, the situation has nothing to do with it. And if we’re completely honest with ourselves, we have to admit at times it’s painful to see others experience more success. Often our minds will come up with excuses to explain why we’re in second place. And it’s for this reason . . . excuses are safe.

We’re wired to be self-protective. From an evolutionary standpoint, our first response will be self-preservation . . . live to see another day, no matter what.

The thing is the danger we face on a day-to-day basis to us is like a prowling lion . . . more often than not, it’s our own shortcomings. But we explain away the reasons we’re not moving forward. And here’s the thing: in our minds, the lion is still prowling, and we’re cowering in the bush, paralyzed by our own fear

In order to face the predator, we’ve got to decide that WE are in control. WE make the decisions. WE choose our rating system, and WE become the ones to pounce (and not be pounced upon).

A Note on Upgrading Your Mindset

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Here’s the Thing About Winners

Since I’ve been in the consulting space for a while, I’ve gotten quite good at noticing a common but totally unappealing habit: posturing. The name-dropping, the subtle bragging points . . . it’s all really a facade to disguise deep-seated insecurity. 

Winners don’t need to posture . . . because they don’t feel threatened. Winners lean in and learn. They ask questions. Winners understand that every individual has the power to make them better. 

When their day is fraught with setbacks, roadblocks, and headaches, what do they choose? To compare and despair? Or to make the day great?

Winners recognize the opportunities to level up are all around and small but significant choices like these have the power to transform:

  • Are you going to make the time to get to the gym, or continue to hit the snooze button and complain at your image in the mirror?
  • Are you going to make time for those who matter most, or allow work to take over your calendar?
  • Are you going to implement a creative plan to encourage efficient systems in your business, or spend your time putting out fires all day?  

What will you choose? There’s no special hack for achieving your goals. There’s no secret attribute that you’re lacking. All the aspects of your life where you want to make progress will fall in line according to your choices

Choose a Success Mindset

The Wealthy Consultant specializes in the healthy growth of your business . . . and that goes beyond just crunching the numbers. Relationships, physical health, spirituality . . . we want you to crush it in EVERY area. 

Tapping into the right mindset can launch you into levels of success you’ve only been clawing at until now. Book a call with our team And let’s take a Deep Dive into how to capitalize on the right mindset and make those winning choices a daily habit.

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