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How to grab hold of marketing inside of your business by learning to love the data

What does the future of marketing inside of the online coaching and consulting space look like, and how can modern entrepreneurs stay ahead of the curve? This week, we tackle all of that and more with special guest, Dane Mohrmann.

Dane is the Head of Marketing for The Wealthy Consultant, and helping businesses both big and small get their heads around messaging, tech, and “full funnel” marketing. He dives into his background, some of his experiences, common pitfalls that he sees consultants making, and what the future of marketing looks like in this space. (Spoiler alert: If you don’t love data, life is about to get very hard for you)

What You'll Find In This Episode:

  • (01:22) How Dane got started in Marketing, and how his experiences shaped his outlook on the industry.
  • (06:21) What is “Martech” and why should business owners strive to understand it?
  • (10:44) If you don’t live and breathe tech – how can you gain an understanding of how it impacts your business?
  • (16:09) The common pitfalls and mistakes that consultants repeatedly make in their marketing and how to avoid them.
  • (24:52) Emerging trends and the future of digital marketing and data.

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  • James Spanke says:

    Value Value Value… Anyone in business should hear this. You guys are doing a great job sharing your experience in the space. Thank you, it’s very appreciated.

  • Angela says:

    This episode was value stacked. Great insights. Thanks for sharing.

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