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How to achieve more with much less conscious thought

The highest performers on the planet understand that standards are actually what I call a “distortion field.”

This means that the level at which you are playing ultimately changes (or distorts) your view of excellence. If an average basketball player puts up 20 points, he walks off the court feeling good about himself. If Michael Jordan in his prime put up any less than 40 points, he could barely live with himself. The level of play impacts the frame.

This episode of TWC Talks is pulled directly from a recent weekly meeting I had with my executive leadership team.

On it, I dive deep into the difference between “experts” and Grand Masters. To absolutely master your craft, and completely control your time requires new levels. New obstacles to be overcome. But, it all starts with counter-balancing the distortion field of high standards with gratitude. Enjoy!

  • (00:00) Intro
  • (00:57) The 3 types of lessons
  • (02:32) Hidden power of journaling
  • (03:00) Gratitude as a state of choice
  • (03:12) Standards are a distortion field
  • (05:31) Fingertip feel
  • (06:17) The risk of being “busy”
  • (07:42) Beliefs: Truth vs Utility

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