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Building Wealth in Your Business Without Compromising Your Values

Hey crew, it’s Taylor Welch, and I’m excited to welcome you to another episode of The Wealthy Consultant Talks podcast. For today’s episode, our very own Mike Walker had the pleasure of sitting down with Brad Gibbs, a special guest, and friend of TWC, who joined us to share his background and provide some amazing insights.

During the conversation, Brad shared his experience following my program since its launch and emphasized how it offered something new and different in the modern business world. They delved into the topic of building a business in today’s landscape without compromising the values that matter most.

Mike and I are all about providing valuable knowledge to our audience (you!), and this episode is no exception. So, get ready to gain new insights, learn from our journeys, and discover how to thrive as a consultant in today’s ever-changing environment.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Brad Gibbs and Mike Walker as you navigate the path to success in the consulting industry. So listen in, take notes, and let’s go!

What You'll Find In This Episode:

  • (02:18) The wealth strategy space.
  • (03:39) Untouchable wealth.
  • (06:20) Financial education in schools.
  • (09:33) Protection as permission.
  • (13:16) Focusing on quality growth.
  • (17:27) Self-sabotage in business.
  • (20:54) Building 100-year wealth.
  • (23:03) Doubling profitability for businesses.

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