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Leadership Strategies for Business Owners and Consultants

In this episode of TWC Talks, Taylor and Mike dive deep into the world of leadership and its profound impact on the success of business owners and consultants.

Throughout the episode, they reveal three essential areas of leadership that you can immediately implement in your own business. These actionable insights will empower you to become a more effective leader and propel your business towards greater heights.

And lastly, this episode equips you with the tools and mindset needed to become an exceptional leader in your industry. These pillars of leadership can help you build a successful business without compromising your values. Enjoy the show!

What You'll Find In This Episode:

  • (01:56) New approaches for managing teams.
  • (05:06) Implementing self-managing teams.
  • (08:41) The business of business is problem solving.
  • (11:26) Ascension model and leadership.
  • (14:26) Strategies for fostering creativity.
  • (17:31) Personality tests for team analysis.
  • (21:31) Weekly huddles and shared metrics.
  • (24:41) Creating a self-managing team.

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