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The Gurus are Pretty Much Always WRONG

As contradictory as this may sound, it’s important so I’ll say it:

🛑 MUTE or unfollow most of your inputs from inside your industries.

No I’m not saying you can “only follow me.”

Not at all…

In fact, if I ever make you feel small, belittled, or CONFUSED, you should unfollow me as well. 

What I’m saying is the world is flooded with “advice.” Most of said advice is tendered by folks who aren’t actually doing what they say they’re doing and, as such, their advice should be invalidated.

When you have 8 people, 10 people, 15 people you’re tuning into – you must understand that, at times, their thoughts & concepts will not align with one another.

Take me, for instance.

Focus on More of What you WANT

If you haven’t noticed, I am diametrically opposed to the old “launch everything at once and grind your way to glory” mindset.

My number one ally is SPACE, time, margin — don’t get me wrong, I can HAUL with the best of them.

However, during different seasons of my life I believed I was hauling towards the right thing and then, once achieved, I realized I had worked 2 years towards the wrong target.

Nearly every conversation or consultation I have with a client starts with some variation of this question:

“What do you WANT? Describe it to me.”

I can’t prescribe or advise without knowing that what I tell you will take you to YOUR desired destination…

My Three Layers of Alignment

Anyways, I digress.

My suggestion, especially right now, is to find folks you align with philosophically in multiple areas.

  • Business
  • Family/people
  • Energy/spirit

What we oftentimes do not realize is that modeling someone in business, will also begin modeling them in family & spirit. You can chew the fruit / spit out the seeds only for so long — because we are all integrated.

One areas flows into the next and into the next…

Over a long enough period of time you will end up recreating the “complete” version of the folks you model.

Back to my original point though, most people are just too complicated. They believe the secret to growth lies in complexity. HINT: it doesn’t. 

I’m having a blast right now doing one thing for one particular kind of person.

If you’re too busy or feeling like you’re running like mad.

Up/down/up/down… excited most of the time but your down moments are brutal…

Would LOVE more ‘income’ but are sort of already maxed on bandwidth.

You realize you are the creator of your own limitations but just aren’t really sure what those limitations even are or how to grab & remove them.

And even though you’re motivated by your income, you’re MORE motivated by:

🔥 Autonomy (not wasting your life)

🔥 Fulfilling work (great clients & great outcomes for your tribe)

Etc etc etc — I could go on all day long. I know my audience. And, you know who you are and you know that you belong here…

Moral of this post is simply to say, I see you. It’s going to be okay (better than okay in fact). And there is no rush…

All in due time, whenever you’re ready. BUT beware trying to follow a “bit” of this person, a “bit” of that person, and before you know it you’re a jumbled up mess trying to model 18 different folks who all live and operate different…

Let’s customize for YOU and what you want.

The end.


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