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The Overwhelming Task of Creating Content

Welcome to another episode of Wealthy Consultant Talks Podcast! In this episode of Wealthy Consultant Talks, hosts Mike Walker and Taylor Welch chat with their long time friend Jake Bryan, a content expert and co-owner at Fimi Collective, a full service content marketing agency. Together they dive into the important topic of engaging and retaining audience attention when building a business in the modern digital landscape.

With years of experience building their own entrepreneurial ventures, Mike, Taylor, and Jake share stories and insights around creating captivating content that holds audience attention. They believe business should not just be about the bottom line, but also about having fun, staying true to your values, and building community

Tune in to hear tips for crafting compelling content, from tapping into your core beliefs to producing high volumes of content to increase quality over time. This isn’t your average business podcast – it’s an authentic, engaging chat among friends passionate about building businesses with purpose.

What You'll Find In This Episode:

  • (01:23) Audience control, how to engage and retain attention.
  • (05:52) Sourcing original thoughts.
  • (07:00) Originality and inspiration.
  • (12:08) Reconfiguring your environment.
  • (15:12) Quantity leads to quality.
  • (18:23) Live streaming and audience engagement.
  • (22:14) The hills entrepreneurs are willing to die on.
  • (26:16) Grit and pushing through discomfort.

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