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The Power of Doing Less

In this episode, Taylor Welch and Mike Walker discuss the concept of “permission to be wealthy” – giving yourself permission to do less and focus on only the most high-leverage activities. They talk about the process of subtraction and elimination as the path to growth and acceleration. This involves cutting out not just bad activities, but even good activities that aren’t the absolute highest leverage. They provide examples from their own businesses of assessing projects through impact, confidence and effort scores.

Taylor and Mike emphasize being careful not to eliminate activities that bring you joy and energy. While you can delegate or automate many tasks, you still want to keep engaged in the parts of your business you’re passionate about. They warn against entirely replacing yourself or existing your business just for the sake of freeing up time. Instead, focus on buying back time only for the activities you dislike so you can immerse yourself in what you love.

Overall, Mike and Taylor provide a thoughtful dialogue around giving yourself permission to focus your time and energy only on your unique genius and the highest leverage activities. But they balance this with the caution not to over-optimize and end up eliminating the parts of your work and life that provide meaning and happiness.

What You'll Find In This Episode:

  • (03:09) Permission to do less.
  • (07:10) Delegate non-essential tasks.
  • (13:10) Eliminate unnecessary ideas and tasks.
  • (16:33) Permission to do what makes you happy.

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