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Sales is simple.

In this episode of TWC Talks, our host, Mike Walker is joined by Payton Welch, a sales performance expert and he shares valuable insights in today’s episode. Payton discusses his journey in the sales space, highlighting key moments that shaped his career. From his initial reluctance to enter sales to his eventual success as a top closer, Payton emphasizes the importance of finding attribution and understanding one’s own performance patterns.

Throughout the conversation, Payton emphasizes the significance of intrapersonal skills—the relationship one has with oneself. He delves into the hierarchy of focus, starting with understanding the product or offer, refining interpersonal skills, and ultimately prioritizing intrapersonal development. Payton advocates for self-documentation through journaling, encouraging individuals to analyze both successful and challenging periods to identify patterns and behaviors that contribute to their performance. Payton suggests that individuals should be intentional about consuming content that fills personal deficits and uplifts them. By creating a stencil of positive behaviors and habits, individuals can better navigate challenging times and maintain peak performance.

As a sales performance trainer, Payton works with individuals and teams seeking improvement, even beyond the realm of traditional sales roles. While he doesn’t handle management responsibilities, his focus on enhancing intrapersonal skills and optimizing performance makes his services beneficial for those aiming to engineer peak performance in various aspects of their professional lives.

What You'll Find In This Episode:

  • (01:25) Payton’s sales journey.
  • (04:43) From not liking sales to excelling in it.
  • (06:40) The importance of finding attribution.
  • (07:45) Knowing the offer, interpersonal skills, and intrapersonal skills.
  • (09:56) Confidence in sales performance.
  • (13:13) Identifying patterns and behaviors.
  • (15:09) The importance of documenting positive moments.
  • (17:42) Increasing self-confidence and motivation.
  • (20:28) Consume positive content.

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