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Legal Lessons and Business Bounce Back

In this raw tell-all interview episode of TWC Talks, Taylor Welch sits down with Bijal Patel, a world-class branding strategist, and they discuss Taylor’s experience with an extensive 14-month FTC investigation. They delve into the backstory behind Taylor’s first major company, Traffic & Funnels, its impressive growth, and his decision to install new leadership and eventually dissolve it. Taylor then details the shocking October 2022 letter alleging deceptive advertising practices in his former company and the ensuing stressful legal battle to cooperate fully with regulators.

Throughout the emotional interview, Taylor transparently shares the traumatic effects of the ordeal, from nearly selling his house in a moment of fear to considering withdrawing from public life entirely. However, he explains how moving forward with his new business, The Wealthy Consultant, ultimately gave him purpose during the darkest times. Taylor offers tactical advice for marketing legally and emphasizes slowing down scaling efforts to ensure compliant, sustainable practices.

While maintaining there were no official findings against him, Taylor humbly admits mistakes were made and expresses gratitude for the lessons learned when stakes were still relatively low. He remains hopeful for the future, crediting his renewed faith and supportive inner circle for getting through challenging setbacks. Taylor aims to lead by example in taking full accountability and helping others avoid regulatory pitfalls.

What You'll Find In This Episode:

  • (01:06) Discussing the press release
  • (03:13) The growth and challenges of Traffic and Funnels
  • (07:51) Reflection on business and personal growth
  • (08:00) Engaging with the audience and setting expectations
  • (10:10) The timeline of sales mentor and investigation
  • (15:42) The FTC investigation
  • (16:10) Building The Wealthy Consultant
  • (20:55) The decision to keep going
  • (24:54) Handling the FTC investigation
  • (31:03) Impact on family
  • (38:29) Learning about people
  • (43:08) Evaluating the quality of sales mentor
  • (46:43) Marketing trends and compliance
  • (50:54) Tactical lessons from the FTC investigation
  • (55:13) Taylor’s advice

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