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People, Ops, and Profit

I just got back into Nashville this weekend after an amazing event.

Imagine 50 entrepreneurs at a giant ski party — ranging from mid six figures to 8 figures in annual revenue. That’s about the gist of it. LOTS of fun.

We hosted 2 full days of very in-depth training around operations, team, human analytics, financial forecasting and growth through profit. Our events team is next level, everything coordinated, organized, & scheduled for maximum connection + support.

The feedback collected was exceptional. The following post was taken from one of our resource groups (name redacted for privacy).

(Our last big event was London last year — takeaways here.
Barcelona is next, go here for more information)

My Key Takeaways From This Event

A few takeaways for you below; I’m going to rapid fire because there’s a lot of training in our community around this stuff.

  • Three things are needed to run an effective team — compensation, culture & coaching. These things are not built separately, they merge together. Compensation must be competitive but we rarely want the award for paying the most. We want team that is motivated by healthy compensation but also contribution (to society, impact, fulfillment etc).
  • We rank & rate new hires based on three attributes — attitude, competency & experience. This is a linear scale of 1-10 and experience must be rated through the lens of “have they done what I’m wanting them to do at the level I’m wanting to do it?” Attitude & competency are weighted 2x to experience.
  • Human analytics is the new frontier in business — prestigious organizations (like the US Military and Fortune 50 companies) have been using this for many years. Small to medium businesses are finally getting access. We walked through the personalities that must be assigned to key positions inside a company. Most of what you hate doing, is just out of alignment with your traits & profile. Finding someone who has the necessary traits will remove you from it and plug them into a job they love doing.

A note on this: the most important ingredients when hiring great talent is not their skill or their experience. Those things are table stakes. Of course you need to hire people with great skills & experience — the thing that’s missed is their personality (number 1) and the version of that person your culture will produce. In my playbook “8-Figure Teams” we go over this exclusively.

  • Pages of financial modeling templates — our finance & operations teams are deeply integrated into the finances of our companies. Everything runs off a set of similar frameworks; from rev per head, burn caps, revolving price mechanisms; the whole thing is predictable and congruent. (The point of money is not to just make more money — these frameworks also enable you to set genuine business targets at scale)
  • Onboarding, contracts & employee compensation — we worked through our systems for onboarding hundreds of employees each year across multiple organizations & clients. How you onboard someone determines the over/under on their success. You can take an A+ player and ruin them if you don’t set the stage appropriately for them to make decisions. The expectation setting happens in the first 30-90 days of employment.
  • Necessary hurdles for hiring superstars & rockstars — I’ve written about this before, but it’s worth repeating: winners want to work with winners. You cannot take an A player and plug them into a B team or they will experience frustration (and probably end up either becoming a B player or leaving). There are economic hurdles to jump past if you want to attract (and retain) the best.

Long story short, would love to hang out with you at an upcoming event. These are always a great time for the mind but also for community building. I tell people all the time — I’m more a part of this group than the “leader” of it. That speaks to the caliber of people inside.

Some Other Important Updates

  • If you haven’t already, my best-selling book is on Amazon for 99 cents. It goes into more detail & depth on some of the team topics I cover above.
  • SUPER EXCITING — part of the way my education firms are scaling now (in the middle of a weird and constricting economy) is because I’ve figured out “pricing models.” I took this from multiple big industries and I tested… and tested… and tested… and finally got something that worked. This is the best pricing & retention model in history. New book explains in detail here.
  • I’m refreshing a lot of my YouTube content — a lot of the videos you see now will be removed because we’re moving to a “long form” content model. This means videos will be 45 minutes to 1 hour+ long. Subscribe and watch what you can before the channel is reset.
  • Daily Mind Medicine is now officially a part of The Arena — one of our flagship training platforms. Each day, Monday through Friday, tune in for a free 3-5 minute training on performance, mindset, thinking & WINNING. These will tune you perfectly to advance through all climates.
  • If you run events or publish content, check out Fimi Collective. They are the highest quality live A/V + micro content producers in the space. The team seamlessly integrates live streaming, audio/video, event choreography, recordings, edits & post production, podcasts, micro-social content — an outsourced media department for half the price. I own a portion of this company and use them for all of our media & events.

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