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Creating A Business Your Customers Will Love

In this episode of TWC Talks, host Mike Walker brings a special episode straight from the slopes of Vail, Colorado, during one of the vibrant destination events focused on “People, Ops and Profit.” The episode features conversations with Anfernee and Tammy from Taiwan, shedding light on their innovative approach to transforming Taiwanese manufacturers into global private-label brands on Amazon. The duo shares their journey from identifying a gap in their home country’s market recognition to empowering manufacturers with the tools to sell directly to consumers, ensuring a more substantial profit margin and control over their brands. They also delve into the cultural shifts and challenges they navigated in introducing a new business model in Taiwan, the importance of personal investment in brand success, and how they overcame growth-related obstacles by optimizing their business strategy.

Enjoy the episode and check the links below for more info & Resources.


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Enjoy the episode and check the links below for more info & Resources.

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