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Ditching The 9-5: An Entrepreneurial Journey

Welcome back! In today’s episode of TWC Talks, special guest Varti shares his journey from working a high-income corporate job, to pursuing his passion in music production and eventually entrepreneurship.

Despite the challenges of leaving a stable income and facing rejections, Varti’s determination transformed his passion for music into a lucrative career. Over the last ten years, he not only achieved success as a musician and producer but also transitioned into coaching, helping other producers elevate their music careers.

Varti discusses the importance of resilience, having no Plan B, and the power of believing in one’s passion. The conversation also touches on Varti’s involvement with TWC and how the community and educational programs have been instrumental in his business’s growth. Looking forward, Varti plans to focus on team development and leadership to further his coaching business.

As we look ahead, Varti shares his vision for focusing on team development and leadership to further enhance his coaching business. So, let’s embark on this enriching journey together, as we explore the transformative power of belief, resilience, and community support on the path to entrepreneurial success. Let’s dive in!

What You'll Find In This Episode:

  • (02:10) Cracking the code of emotional intelligence as an entrepreneur.
  • (03:48) Roller coaster of emotions.
  • (06:29) Deciding that you’re worthy.
  • (10:10) Imposter syndrome and self-doubt.
  • (13:15) The importance of getting outside your own head.
  • (16:31) Moving despite how you feel.
  • (19:15) Making an impact to others.

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