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Hiring & Managing Rockstar Virtual Assistants

Step into the world of remote support teams and virtual assistants with Mike Walker on the latest episode of TWC Talks! He’s joined by Kathy Jones, a member of the TWC team known for her expertise in managing such teams, especially those composed of virtual assistants from the Philippines.

Kathy takes us on her journey into the world of virtual teams, sparked by the necessity to upscale customer support for a growing business. She shares invaluable insights on the optimal timing for businesses to onboard a VA. Throughout the discussion, she emphasizes the criticality of effective communication, setting clear expectations, and streamlining processes to effectively oversee a remote team.

Let’s gain invaluable insights into the ideal timing for businesses to integrate a VA and discover how Kathy’s agency, has flourished by leveraging the skills of virtual assistants, showcasing the immense potential of virtual teams in today’s global business landscape. Let’s go!

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What You'll Find In This Episode:

(00:00) TWC Talks Podcast with Special Guest Kathy Jones
(00:52) The Role and Impact of Virtual Assistants in Business
(01:56) Kathy’s Journey with Virtual Teams and Building a VA Agency
(03:34) Identifying When You’re Ready for a Virtual Assistant
(05:02) The Broad Spectrum of VA Roles Across Industries
(06:07) Common Pitfalls and Misconceptions in VA Onboarding
(08:24) Finding and Training Your First Virtual Assistant
(11:42) Creating a Virtual Office Space for Team Collaboration
(13:18) Managing Virtual Assistants Across the Globe
(17:53) Understanding VA Compensation and Cultural Nuances
(20:38) Wrapping Up: The Value of Virtual Assistants and How to Connect

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