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The Case for Books

Books are one of the fastest, cheapest and most reliable means of demonstrating value to your market on a large scale over great lengths of time.

Full stop.

This is not to say that writing and publishing a book is easy. And, of course, there is nuance at play here.

A garbage book that fails to deliver value to the market, is a waste of your time AND your audience’s time.

However, if you properly harness the power of a value-driven book, it can not only produce a reliable stream of customers for your business, but it can also indoctrinate and move them toward ascension in ways that make them truly unique from other demonstration assets (more on that in a moment).

Let’s talk about books.

Low Cost, High Value Vehicles

Inside of the Wealthy Consultant, we have a philosophy about the 3 responsibilities of marketing.

  1. Acquire customers and leads for the business
  2. Safeguard the reputation of the business
  3. Secure future revenue

In order to do that, requires not just the acquisition of attention (which is easy enough to get), but also a powerful demonstration process. Demonstration is the means by which you prove to your market that you’re not a charlatan, and that you actually are as good as your top of funnel marketing would suggest.

Nailing this piece of your marketing leads from “attention acquisition” to “attention RETENTION.”

Plenty of marketers are amply capable of getting the attention of their market, but they are terrible at holding onto it once they have it.

We teach out clients to do this using what we call “demonstration assets.” There are 6 different types:

  1. Direct offers
  2. Communities
  3. Events
  4. Products (think courses)
  5. Content
  6. Books

Each of these asset types has its own advantages and potential drawbacks.

However, books and products are unique to the others because of their ability to produce what we refer to as PQLs (product qualified leads).

You’re probably familiar with MQLs (marketing qualified leads) and SQLs (sales qualified leads).

An MQL is someone who is qualified based on marketing interactions they’ve had, or “actions” they have taken inside of a top of funnel or middle of funnel marketing initiative.

An SQL is someone who has directly signaled intent to have a conversation with your sales team – either through booking directly via an inbound funnel, or by having a successful discovery call with an SDR (sales development representative).

A PQL is a specific type of MQL that has further segmented themselves using their wallet (aka – they paid you in more than just attention – they actually BOUGHT something from you). These are usually only a result of a low-ticket sales funnel.

What makes books unique is that their low front end cost makes them more accessible to the broadest segment of your market, while they’re depth of information and focus on consumption can make them a fantastic “filtering” tool… educating and enriching your market at a lower cost than most other products.

But that’s only the start of what makes books a fantastic way to acquire customers for your business. Here are four more reasons why your next funnel ought to be a book funnel.

Reason 1 – They’re Hard to Do

Yes, books are a labor of love to complete. You may struggle getting your thoughts and teachings/trainings committed to the page.

BUT – the fact that they are difficult to do is also one of their key advantages.

If your competitors want to copy you, they will have to go through the same difficult process – and (statistically anyway) most of them will not. The more prolific of an author you become, the further and further ahead of your competition you will be.

In that way, books can form a great “moat” around you and your business.

Reason 2 – Low Cost Customer Acquisition Source

Most new business owners opt to build a list through lead generation, as the acquisition cost of leads is lower than that of customers.

What we’ve found to be true time and again though, is that the ascension rate of customers is multiple times higher than that of the average lead. Building a list of customers leads to higher yield over time.

So, how do you offset the higher cost of customers? The answer for your business may very well be a book! Especially if you leverage available tools like Amazon to increase distribution. For example, our book, The Wealthy Consultant, is available on Amazon for just 99¢ – but when you buy it, there is a QR code immediately inside of the front cover. Scanning that code takes you to a page where you can put in your details to receive free bonuses as part of your book purchase. In this way, we’re able to get the PQL, while managing distribution through a larger player like Amazon.

Reason 3 – Information Distribution

You might have seen the troubling statistic that as many as 90% of people who purchase online courses never complete them. Or the equally disturbing study from 2013 that showed that nearly 66% of people who purchased online courses never even ACCESSED them.

The way we interact with information (especially online) is changing.

But, consider this… outside of oratory and auditory learning, books are the oldest medium of mass information exchange on this planet. There’s a reason for this.

Books are designed to be consumed – and physical books practically demand to be engaged with. They aren’t buried in an email inbox somewhere. They’re in your home. In your office.

Beyond that, books can be crafted to deliver a single solution to a single problem. Potency is the name of the game.

Reason 4 – Status

One of the more tertiary benefits is the status that comes with being a published author. Like it or not, we tend to elevate people who “wrote the book” (figuratively and literally in this case) on certain topics.

The age of business cards may be over – but when you’re a published author, you have a business card that’s 100+ pages long and has a title. It’s a unique chance to build authority while increasing value distribution to your market.

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