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“Growth is simply a component – usually a plus, sometimes a minus- in the value equation.” — Warren Buffett

ONE component of your business is its “growth.”

In a world dominated — obsessed — with “growth,” we should take a moment to define what actually constitutes a healthy business.

Here are some principles for you, happy Friday.

✅ If your clients & customers do not thank you for building what you’re building, you’re not remarkable enough… push pause, and redesign.

✅ If you can’t wait to get to the weekend or get a “break,” you’re either not inspired enough (and should stop) OR you’re growing too fast (and should slow down).

✅ If your business is to help clients get more customers but you’re struggling to get more customers – you’re fraudulent. Stop.

✅ If you’re feeling overwhelmed, STOP ADDING NEW THINGS TO YOUR PLATE. Progress comes from focus.

✅ If you focus really hard on the wrong actions / strategy, you will go broke. Make sure your direction is sound.

✅ If you feel afraid, ever — fix your circle now. Get around folks who know what they’re doing and are having fun… fear is cancer.

✅ Don’t balk at something being expensive, learn to be concerned when something is too cheap.

✅ Reading for at least 45 minutes a day will make IP creation & general creativity skyrocket. Prioritize it.

✅ As you build your to do list, try building a “not to do” list and stay away from it. Productivity comes from defense as well as offense.

✅ If you’re paying payroll each month and still stressing about “balance” and lack of free time, fire folks and pay yourself their payroll. Or get a better team.

✅ Remember the revenue is not the goal. The happy client is the goal. More revenue always follows the feeling of overdelivery and overwhelming satisfaction.

We’re filling up January.

Lots of changes hitting the world in 2023.

If you want to be ahead of them – hop in with us.

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