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Concept of Yourself

“When particles are arranged at random, mixed up in all directions, the substance is said to be demagnetized; but when particles are marshaled in ranks so that a number of them face in one direction, the substance is a magnet.   Magnetism is not generated – it is displayed.   Health, wealth, beauty and genius are not created. They are only manifested by the arrangement of your mind. That is: By your concept of yourself.” – The Power of Awareness

If you’ve ever dealt with insecurity (even for a little bit), fatigue (decision fatigue or physical exhaustion), confusion (about what you want and why you want it) then strap in. If you’ve never dealt with these things and would like counseling for all the issues you’re suppressing, reach out and we’ll connect you with a good one. HA. Still got it… you can admit it, you smiled at that one.

Okay for real let’s get going…

Quitter’s Dilemma

Most people are quitters, “too busy” to try. That is who they envision themselves to be, and that is who they are. They will sign up for a product and then they will quit.


Is it because the product is bad?

Is it because they were lied to and didn’t get access?

Is it because they disagree with the training?

None of the above.

By far, the #1 reason we get — and we get a lot – is this:

“Great training I just don’t have time to go through it.”


Escaping the Victim Mentality

The same folks who will message us in the dark hours of the night asking “wHaT dId yOu dO tO bEcOmE sUcCeSsFuL hElP” — these same people dare ask for help, when the instructions they are fortunate enough to receive are unable to be implemented for more than 2 and a half days before they run out of time and patience.

If you’re 40 years old you’ve been programmed for at least 20 solid years to be a victim. If you’re 200 years old, you’ve been contending against this programming for you’re entire life. It doesn’t mean you ARE a victim, it means you’ve been programmed by all sorts of places. From the news, movies, podcasts, entertainment, music, and the worst part of all: the people around you. As the pot gets hot the frog tries to escape but everywhere he goes there is just more hot water…

If you’ve ever set up a brand new cold plunge tub (they’re all the rage now), it’s usually about 78 degrees when you first fill it up. Once you flick on the cooler, it begins to get colder. Slowly. Arduously.

F o r e v e r r r r.

The first hour it drops maybe 4 degrees. The second hour, 10. The third hour, 18. Why?

Because the cooler the water became the easier it was to cool it down. It works in reverse, too.

When Complacency Creeps In

Everybody knows this, it makes logical sense. But very few people notice this when their environments suddenly lose the spark. You look around and suddenly you’ve outgrown everyone and the net effect of your social circle is complacency. At first, you just hustle more. But the more complacent you become, the easier it is to become more complacent.

Ignore a good opportunity today and it’s doubly as easy to ignite it tomorrow. Before long it feels good to do nothing. You’ve become complacent.

This tale is as old as time. Society is being PROGRAMMED, and as the percentage of victimhood grows, the pace of programming increases. Your biggest lever is your environment. You build an environment through your people, your inputs (think books, podcasts, newsletters like this one, etc), your city, the events you attend.

You build an environment by being conscious and “on purpose.” That is LITERALLY WHY we built The Wealthy Consultant. But if you don’t show up you don’t get the gold.

Here is a quick story about just showing up. If you’ve ever doubted the power of being “in the room,” let us re-align you.

PayPal’s Genesis

This is from the founder of PayPal:

Levchin: “The company was really not founded to do payments at all. My focus in college was security. I wanted to do crypto and stuff like that. I had already founded three different companies during college and the year after, which I spent in Champaign-Urbana, where I went to school.

Then, in favor of not doing grad school, I decided to move out to Silicon Valley in the summer of ‘98 and was not really sure what I was going to do with my life. I was living in Palo Alto, squatting on the floor of a friend. I went to see this random lecture at Stanford —given by a guy named Peter, who I had heard about, but never met before.

The lecture turned out to have only six people in it. It was in the heat of summer, so nobody showed up. This guy was like, “There are only like six of you, OK.”

Afterwards I walked up to talk to him. He was this really intense guy, and he said, “We should get breakfast sometime.” So we met up the next week. I had two different ideas that I was considering starting companies around, and I pitched him on both evenly.

For a few weeks we kept talking, and eventually he said, “Take this idea, because this one is better, and you go start a company around it, and then I can have my hedge fund invest a little bit of money in it” — like a couple hundred thousand dollars. That was a good thing, since I was starting to run out of money.”

The “Peter” in the story was Peter Thiel.

The rest is history.

Here’s what’s interesting:

  • There were only 6 people
  • The reason more didn’t show up was the weather (OF ALL THINGS)
  • It took a breakfast and a few follow ups to get the deal done

Where Are You Holding Yourself Back?

In today’s world, most people wouldn’t even show up (oh, they don’t have time or oops, the weather is bad). Then, of the ones who did show up, most would give up after showing up. If you think that showing up by itself is your entitlement ticket to getting what you want — PSA: it’s only half the battle… it’s the starting point.

The story goes on, and Peter eventually did a sprint as CEO of the young company. PayPal took off because of it’s security features, which Levchin never talks about…

It wasn’t because it could transfer money — it was because PayPal was the only company that took fraud seriously, and Levchin designed a software to run in the background combating fraud.

People make up the stupidest excuses to not show up. Then they rationalize and justify. And then when their lives are over, they attribute their lack of movement in life to bad luck, or other people. Ask yourself, like we did when we read this story, “Where am I skipping out because of a silly reason (aka the ‘weather’) and where am I making success seem harder than it is?”

That’s a wrap,

-The Wealthy Consultant

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