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Apple’s $65oK Lesson

In 1984, Apple Computers created one of the most influential advertising campaigns of all time.

Maybe you’ve seen it. If not, here’s a link.

They knew this was going to be a big swing, so they invested $650,000 (some estimates say more) into the campaign. They got Sir Ridley Scott (yes, THAT Sir Ridley Scott – Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator, Napoleon… the list goes on) to come in and direct it.

And, it worked.

In fact, it worked so well, that the commercial aired nationally for months, and played during that year’s Super Bowl. Estimates say that in just the first 100 days after the ad’s debut, Apple sold 72,000 computers. Numbers only went up from there. It was a smashing success.

But, here’s a lesson that even Apple had to learn the hard way… and one that most entrepreneurs STILL haven’t figured out.

Getting customers does you no good if you can’t keep them.

In fact, we’d go so far as to say that the number one reason why coaches and consultants run out of cash is not because they can’t crack acquisition.

It’s because they suck at retention.

Linear vs. Exponential Growth

Most of you reading this are probably familiar with the traditional high ticket growth model, right?

For those who aren’t, let’s cover the bases really quick.

  1. Build a funnel
  2. Spend some money on ads
  3. Get clients who will pay you money
  4. Take that money and spend it on more ads

Rinse and repeat.

Let’s be clear – this model can work (if you’re good at advertising and you have a HELLA high level of risk tolerance), and 90+% of the industry is using it to grow their offers.

However, one of the primary features of this model is also its greatest weakness.

Linearity. Point A leads to Point B – and Point B leads to Point C.

The only way to grow with this model is to spend more money, and acquire more clients. As long as you are getting more each month than the month before, you’re growing…

Until you aren’t.

Take it from those of us who have lived that model out to its logical conclusion – the concentration risk of this model is immense.

It’s essentially a giant hamster wheel, in which each new month turns into a race to cover the “fixed burn” (payroll, taxes, software costs, and other guaranteed expenses of running the business). Once you hit the first month where that fixed burn exceeds the new revenue coming in the front door of the business, your troubles begin.

Let’s set aside “linear growth” and the old model for a second. Instead, let’s talk EXPONENTIAL growth.

The Revolving Price Method

Exponential growth is what happens when each of your “causes” leads to not one… but two, three, four, five – as many effects as it possibly can.

In other words, each dollar you bring into the business kicks off a chain reaction that produces money for months and months on end.

How is this possible? Not with the old model.

Inside of our high level masterminds we teach a non-linear offer creation technique called the Revolving Price Method.

In the world of finance, they use the word “asset” to describe something that you own which is regarded as having value and which gives you the ability to cover debts, commitments or expenses.

What we teach, is a means of taking each and every one of your clients and turning them from a one-time cash injection for your business, into a long-term revenue generating ASSET… capable of financing your business for long periods of time rather than just “one and done.”

Before we go any further, though. You must understand that this is NOT straight line MRR. We don’t just turn high ticket offers into subscription models where people pay monthly. That doesn’t work for MOST businesses.

Instead, this is about restructuring the offer itself, to include a component that pays you what you need to keep the business running now, AND enables you to stack future revenue.

Final Thoughts…

At this point you might be thinking, “Dang, that sounds wonderful. Do I have to join your high-level mastermind to learn how to do it?”

Actually, no.

If you’d like to learn how to create an offer like this, no matter what your offer currently looks like and what level of revenue you’re business currently does…

We want to teach it to you – inside of our new book, The Revolving Price Method. You can grab it here for $3 and start reading instantly. We’ve even included a video companion training that teaches you how to take the offer and sell it with confidence to your prospects.

Grab your copy now and start tapping into exponential scale.

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