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Installing Champion DNA

Nearly every business owner on this planet starts as a dreamer.

Someone who has an idea that feels bigger than themselves – a vision of a future that’s better than their current reality. If you’re reading this, you can probably relate.

However, not long into any entrepreneurial journey, external forces (old ideas, power structures, entrenched ways of looking at the world) start to slow you down. Impede your progress toward the achievement of that vision.

If you’ve experienced that (or are currently experiencing that), this could be one of the most important articles you EVER read.

If not, you can either peace out (we won’t judge) or you can keep reading and store these insights for a day when you will eventually be able to use them.

Regardless, today we want to attempt to answer this question:

“What does it mean for you to become UNSTOPPABLE? For your vision for your life and business to become inevitable?”

Is it possible to program your mind into the mind of an inexhaustible champion?

Let’s dive in.

Beliefs, Thoughts, and Actions

There are three levels, or aspects, of the human mind.

  • Beliefs – Meanings assigned to particular situations
  • Thoughts – The moment-to-moment ideas that cross our minds
  • Actions – The “fruit” or outward expressions of our thoughts

These have a cascading effect. Your beliefs create your thoughts, and out of your thoughts flow your actions.

Let’s plug this into a normal scenario as an example. Say you’ve scheduled a date with someone you’re really interested in. On your way to the date you get stuck in traffic.

  • Belief: “I like being happy.”
  • Thought #1: “Going on this date will allow me to further my relationship with this person, which will make me happy. So it’s important I go on this date.”
  • Thought #2: “This traffic is keeping me from making it to my date. It is standing in the way of my happiness.”
  • Action: You start feeling stressed and anxious… maybe you start honking, losing your temper, or trying to drive your car up the shoulder of the road in an attempt to get ahead.

The belief flows into the thoughts. The thoughts turn into actions (this is where we typically get in trouble).

Now, let’s go one step deeper.

Your brain is an amazing thing – more powerful than any supercomputer and able to program (and re-program) itself with each new input.

An example of this programming is a little thing called “looping.” This is where your brain takes a belief, and creates a neurological shortcut, bypassing the thoughts and jumping straight from the belief to the action.

Let’s stick with our date example… say you miss the date. A week later, you’re headed to the grocery store and you get stuck in traffic. Now, the stakes are nowhere near as high. You’re not on your way to a date, your happiness is not technically in jeopardy.

But, suddenly, you’re feeling stressed, anxious, and annoyed. Soon, you’re honking, yelling and riding the shoulder.

Your brain, thinking that it’s doing you a favor by saving you time, has taken the original belief, bypassed the thought, and gotten you straight to the action.

If you’ve ever woken up in the morning out of a dead sleep and felt anxious or unsafe, before you’ve even had a chance to have a conscious thought, then you’ve experienced this phenomenon. Your mind is basically saying, “I can delete the thought, and from the belief I can create the action.”

Here is the brilliant thing about this, though.

You can force your brain to create these shortcuts – but to desirable actions that help you achieve your most audacious goals!

This is the start of reprogramming yourself with “champion DNA.”

Mental Reprogramming

So, how do we go about making our brains repeat the POSITIVE actions that move us closer to our goals?

It starts with changing your beliefs.

Our CEO, Taylor Welch, always says this:

“There are only two things that differentiate you from the people who have what you want – they are doing something different than what you’re doing… or they BELIEVE something different than you believe.”

Earlier, we defined a belief as a meaning assigned to a particular situation. This meaning “colors” everything about how we approach our decision making process.

Therefore, if we’re going to reprogram our minds to become unbeatable, we must start by assigning new meanings… new beliefs.

Let’s use an example that practically every entrepreneur understands deeply – failure.

We’ve done other articles about this in the past, but fear of failure has destroyed more blossoming business owner than perhaps any other force in history. An aversion to making mistakes, to trying things that might not work out.

So, let’s begin reprogramming.

How do we eliminate the fear of failure?

By redefining failure. By re-writing what we believe about failure.

This requires that we shift our thinking into the realm of “quantum” for a second.

When you’re thinking in quantum terms, failure doesn’t actually exist. Mistakes don’t actually exist. What we perceive as failure is simply nature’s research to help us progress and survive in this world.

Here’s a useful exercise for this.

Consider a hypothetical world in which you never made a mistake.

If you could systematically remove all mistakes – if absolutely no decision you have ever made was even capable of “failing,” would you still have all of the good things that your currently have in your life?

  • Would you have met your spouse or significant other?
  • Would your kids be who they are?
  • Would you have ever even started your own business?
  • Would you have the friends and relationships you have?

Mistakes and regret are merely the price you pay to learn what you need to learn in order to get one step closer to who you want to be.

They are necessary. And beyond that… they are GOOD for you.

Now, if we take the belief that failure is fatal, and instead replace it with a belief that failure is good for you, we now enable the brain to stop creating pathways that help us avoid risk, and instead give it a reason to create shortcuts to feelings of EMPOWERMENT, strength, and growth when things don’t go to plan.

There are several good exercises and mental training frameworks for this inside of our Champion Programming product, available now through our website! You can grab it now by clicking here.

If you’re ready to take the next steps toward becoming unstoppable – to reprogramming your brain for certain success – let today be the day that you start building new beliefs and training your brain to create shortcuts that fortify you and turn you into the strongest version of yourself each day.

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